Rob Sheffer 

I hold a B.M. in Voice and Guitar from Grove City College and an M.M. in Guitar Performance and Composition from Houghton College. I am currently the Adjunct Professor of guitar at Washington & Jefferson College, the assistant musical director at Peter’s Creek Baptist Church, and a private lessons teacher at Kathy’s Music in McMurray and Mt. Lebanon. Knowing my passion for music, Tom has begun to mentor me and I am ready to start my DJ career.  I am ready to play guitar for your ceremony or cocktail hour. Just as a side note, my wife Maggie plays the viola and does ceremony music as well.Check out his website: 

Available Services: Ceremony Music (guitar) and DJing private parties and weddings

Nick Phillips aka DJ Ethx

Though it probably has roots somewhere in my profession as a teacher, my passion for emceeing and DJ'ing began when Tom - whom I met through church - invited me to be his assistant for his wedding bookings. What began as transporting/setting up equipment, taking requests, and tearing down quickly became asking many questions and learning the craft. It was readily apparent to me that emceeing and DJ'ing offered the opportunity to serve the public in a fulfilling way; you could take active part in helping form long-lasting, meaningful memories. For me, there are few better feelings than working positively with people and collaborating on events that bring joy and celebration. 

Available Services: DJing any event, especially weddings and private parties

Tom Barnes aka DJ Tooth

I have been DJing for over 9 years and doing weddings for 8 of those years. Weddings are by far my favorite events to DJ and I was awarded "Best of Weddings" four times on, including 2017. I have DJed well over 100 weddings in my career.

Services Available: DJing any event, especially weddings